More Oregon flowers

I never knew how breathtaking these flowers were until I got up really close with my lens. Wow! I also discovered some dewdrops on them { and we all know how fond I am of dew! }. I love how my camera magnifies things I can't see on my own...actually, the other day at a football game I stood there with my camera plastered to my face the whole time, because I could see the players and the game much better that way. Call me a dork! Talon, my husband, loved teasing me about it. Good thing I like to be teased. :)

Halfway through taking the photos, what to my big surprise { literally, with the zoom on! }, I came upon this pretty little bee.

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Wheeler Family Farm said...

I enjoyed looking at all of your pictures. They are inspiring. I lived in Oregon as a little girl and I love the memories that you pictures prompted.