Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who gave their opinions on the background! I really appreciate it! I think I am going to stick with the black for awhile and see how it works out.


What do you think?

I need advice from my blog readers: Do you like the original white background, or do you like the new black background? Scroll down and compare how black vs. white affects your photo viewing experience. :) Then, please comment and tell me what you think!

Personally, I can't decide if I like how black makes the photo colors stand out, or if I like white better because it makes the website look cleaner and simpler.

{ if you're a visual person, click the image below to see the original white background again }



this is probably my favorite picture from our trip down to escalante.
{ you've GOT to click on the photo and enlarge it for the full effect. }

i really, really love the way the dramatic layers of this sunrise slowly faded out with distance. it was such a beautiful morning!

more calf creek falls

soooooo, blogger is making the colors in this one look pasty. pooh.

mossy rocks - escalante, ut

experiencing blogger issues

time and time again, i have read other photographers' complaints that the colors in their photos seem incessantly warped on blogger or on different computers. i now know exactly what they are talking about! for one thing, blogger sucks all the color OUT of my photos when i post them. yuck! then, my photos appear completely different based on what computer i am using. i am sitting here at work, balking at my blog, because all my photos are so FULL of bright orange and green that they look ridiculous!

apparently this has something to do with the color settings on your computer's monitor? hmm!


water reflections

on the trail to calf creek

This was incredible. The trail to the falls dips down into a valley between two massive walls of red rock. As the sun lowered in the sky and we hiked out, the illuminated red walls reflected in the creek water at just the right angle. Wow!

red rock reflecting in creek

escalante, ut

morning glow in escalante, ut




Does anyone know how to make photos bigger in Blogger? I would really like to make mine large, like this or this or this...but as of right now, when I upload my photos in "large" the biggest they come is what you see below. Pooh.

I tried fiddling with the blog's HTML, which I am assuming is the key, but so far no luck.




hosta leaves & light


las fleurs