Tyson - Newborns

What a sweetheart. Little (or should I say big!) Tyson didn't want to sleep for us, but we still got some pretty sweet photos. Congrats to the family. He is beautiful and was so much fun to shoot!

I know it's terrible, but I had to post this photo because it cracks me up. :)


Nelson family

I shot just a couple extra poses of the Nelson family, so here's a separate post for them.

Congrats on your newest addition, guys!

Harrison family

We trekked up the fall canyon to shoot these photos for the Harrison family. Aren't they a beautiful bunch? The setting was just gorgeous too. Now I want to buy me a cabin up there!

I love this one. It captures everyone cheering "YAY!" at cute little Jace, to get him to smile at me!



It was a little bit of a challenge shooting on an inclined canyon road, but I think we worked around it and you can't even tell!


Cait + Loren: Wedding party

. .

. .

. .

I love the guy on the left.

. .

And of course, the families.