Fall leaves

Fall in Utah

Took a drive up the canyons last weekend and I was in complete heaven. Can you believe this is the first year the husband and I have taken that drive since living in Utah?? Man, we've been missing out. The colors were exquisite!


Depot Bay, Oregon

I have always loved Depot Bay. It's such a quirky little town that endears you for some reason. I got a kick out of walking the "boardwalk" when we were there in August.

Welcome to Aspinwall's Nursery & Produce.

I worked here for two summers in high school. Best job ever! It was so much fun to see old friends, relive my experiences here, and document some of the things I love about Aspinwall's.

More Oregon flowers

I never knew how breathtaking these flowers were until I got up really close with my lens. Wow! I also discovered some dewdrops on them { and we all know how fond I am of dew! }. I love how my camera magnifies things I can't see on my own...actually, the other day at a football game I stood there with my camera plastered to my face the whole time, because I could see the players and the game much better that way. Call me a dork! Talon, my husband, loved teasing me about it. Good thing I like to be teased. :)

Halfway through taking the photos, what to my big surprise { literally, with the zoom on! }, I came upon this pretty little bee.



I wanted to share this critically important video - put together by one of the world's premier photographers, James Nachtwey - about a new form of tuberculosis spreading around the world. It's called eXtreme Drug Resistant TuBerculosis. There is little we can do to stop it unless we act asap.

It kills me to see people living in conditions like this. Where is worldwide compassion and sacrifice, to give up our ridiculously indulgent lifestyles and instead provide ways for people like this to live a better life? Even if we don't care about our fellow man, at the very least we ought to prevent XDR-TB from becoming a worldwide pandemic and spreading to us.

It is times like this that I stop and think: Am I using my abilities for good in this world? What is my purpose and vision? What more can I do?


Another little peachie droplet :)

Peach droplets

Love these pretty little post-drizzle droplets.

Oregon beach sunset

We had the most beautiful sunset on the beach one night while we were in Oregon. Nothing beats the rhythmic sound of the waves and the fresh salty air on a night like this!


Just thought this little grass was cute. :)