This girl is such a beauty, in and out. At the risk of sounding trite, Katie really is one of those people you just want to be around all the time. Not to mention, she's a smart girl too -- a recent BYU grad. Thanks for letting me shoot your graduation pics, Katie!

Nielson family

What a cute family!

I had them give lots of kisses . . .
it proved to be our best tactic for focusing little Baylor and still getting some cute shots. :)

Family photos are the most challenging for me.
And yet, when you get a photo of everyone in place and looking good,
nothing beats the sense of accomplishment that brings. :)



We did just a quickie shoot with Baylor. This kid is the cutest. I've photographed him 3 times now, and I've had fun every time (I'll be posting the previous shoots soon). I am always amazed at how hard it is to take photos at this age, but how fun it is to make them giggle. The payoff is way worth it!

We started off kind of rough...

but it was nothing that a fuzzy bear, football, and some silliness couldn't fix. :)

I love the "boyness" of this picture.


Olivia - Newborns

How sweet is this little angel? She made me miss the precious and oh-so-short newborn stage (although I'll never miss the lack of sleep!). It was so much fun to take pictures of such a tiny little thing again. I wanted to kiss her all over.

I love her face!

Lucky girl - kisses from big brother.


Strawn Family

What a precious photo of daddy and his little girl.

* Smooch! *

And a few of just the parents...