Tomatoes - le jardin de mama

My mom has always cultivated the most beautiful and incredible garden. I can't believe that she keeps it so amazing even now, after a few hard years and all of us no longer there to help her. She always complains that it looks terrible and is such a mess, but I think that's just because she remembers what it used to be like when we were all kids and spent hours weeding it every Saturday morning. Well Mom, these "le jardin de mama" series are for you. Your garden IS beautiful, and I have the proof. :)

Clematis vine {le jardin de mama}

Hosta leaf dewdrops {le jardin de mama}

Playhouse {le jardin de mama}

This structure is actually the workings of my dad, not my mom. Dad designed this entire playhouse himself and then built it on his own. He's amazing! I have such talented parents. We were such spoiled and lucky kids.

moss on the playhouse steps

Ivy {le jardin de mama}

Pansy {le jardin de mama}

Dahlia {le jardin de mama}

Alstromeria {le jardin de mama}

Dewy leaves {le jardin de mama}

Lilies {le jardin de mama}

Some of these look alike, but when you are the one behind the lens they each feel so different. :)



can you see the bee?

this was a fun photo to take. :) it took snapping the shutter at just the right time!


oregon flowers

we took a week off and visited oregon. it was wonderful - and so green! i had a heyday with my camera while we were there. :)

i am having a rough time perfecting my workflow right now -- when i save my files from RAW to jpeg in photoshop, the colors change big-time and become very distorted. i must be doing something wrong, but i don't know what it is yet. then, blogger completely drains the color out of my photos when i upload them! it's frustrating. i'm also struggling with file sizes and getting images put up that are crisp. sighhh. please be patient with me!