Does anyone know why Blogger is all of a sudden not allowing the "s400 to s640" trick to enlarge your photos? ARRRGGGG!


Trevor Holms Petersen said...

Sorry, no clue what your talking about?!

Jeff said...

Hi Annie! I don't know if you remember me, but we knew each other in Cambridge Court back in the day. Anyway, you've probably already figured this out, but here's the solution to making your pictures bigger in blogger. I don't know why it changed, but here it is: In addition to changing s400 to s640, you also have to change the height and width. You can change them to whatever you want, just make sure you maintain proportions. I usually multiply them by 150%. Here's a more detailed explanataion: http://www.stephmodo.com/2008/12/how-to-enlarge-photos-on-blogger-part-2.html.

Anyway, congrats on the baby and good luck with your blogging adventures!

Pedraza Fotografo said...

Hacia tiempo que no entraba en tu blog y he pasado u buen rato viendo tos fotos. Muy bonitas.
por cierto ¿ entiendes el castellano o te lo tienes que traducir?

Kiersten said...

You have so many gorgeous pictures! I kept thinking as I was looking--oh, I'm going to have to tell her that I really like this one, but I thought that so many times, it's kind of ridiculous. Anyway, they're beautiful and you have an amazing eye for little details. (I know that sounds kind of cheesy and cliche, but it's true).