Just a quick sneak peek - I was too excited about this shoot NOT to post an image! More to come.


{ Bad news: I shot all of these photos in the wrong file type - jpeg instead of raw - and I am completely devastated! Good news: it did allow me to post a preview image due to my current computer issues and not being able to work in raw, but still really BAD news because it's the completely wrong file type and so the pictures are all basically no good! }


Seth and Christine said...


Bethany said...

annie, this is so pretty! i actually shot in jpeg for several months before i found the value in raw, and still, some of my favorite pictures were taken in jpeg. i totally love the frustration- i have those same emotions all the time!

Tiffany Izatt said...

this is awesome, we shot jpg, and then raw and now we are back to jpg, so just depends on what you want to do